Smart Energy DIH is is the smart energy innovation ecosystem based in Vilnius (Lithuania). The Digital Innovation Hub that brings together major research, business and public stakeholders in Lithuania for the common development and implementation of digital transformations in the renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction, eco-design, recycling, environmental protection, circular business model development and associated sectors that meets European citizens’ needs.

Smart Energy DIH was established to build appropriate frameworks and amounts of high quality of renewable energy data for high performance computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

As Smart Energy DIH was established to facilitate the full innovation chain, from basic research to market uptake, it consists of participants from academia, the public sector, and the private sector: major national renewable energy center’s and research / educational institutions, international smart energy equipment manufacturers, NGOs, technology providers and facilitators.

Smart Energy DIH partners join their resources to implement the new models and the digital evidence based results, which provide the necessary means for delivery of efficient and cost-effective renewable energy in the European societies.

Smart Energy DIH is open for collaboration with international partners to accelerate innovations for delivering advanced, personalised, effective smart energy solutions.


The strategic mission of Smart Energy DIH is to contribute towards achieving goals stated in the EU “2030 framework for climate and energy policies”, which are the following:
> At least 40% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions (from 1990 levels);
> At least 32% share for renewable energy;
> At least 32.5% improvement in energy efficiency.


With more than 15 public, science, education, industry and SME partners, the Smart Energy DIH acts as a coordinator and facilitator of digital-based technology solutions for renewable energy industries. To this end, the DIH seeks to:
  • Provide all-round support and specialised services in R&D and deployment of innovations in renewable energy sector;
  • Facilitate partnerships in collaborative development, technology transfer and industrial uptake of high-tech innovations;
  • Link national innovation projects, startups and SMEs with wider international initiatives and competence networks;
  • Contribute to and strengthen the national and European technological infrastructure.


Smart Energy DIH provides full range services: concept validation and prototyping, testing and validation; pre-competitive series production; education and digital skills development; Visioning and Strategy Development for Businesses,  Collaborative Researches, Incubator / accelerator support, Market intelligence, Mentoring, digital maturity assessment, visioning for digital transformation, fostering the integration, adaptation and customization of various technologies, testing and experimentation with digital technologies (software and hardware), knowledge and technology transfer, supporting the preparation of business and financial models, access to financial institutions and investors, supporting the use of InvestEU and other relevant financing mechanisms, advertising, hosting or providing of training, boot-camps, traineeships.